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A Free Event Website is 100% free for event hosts and registrants.

PAID EVENTS (There are two options to collect funds):

1. RegisterToAttend processes all funds for paid events via PayPal®. Events are free to set up and activate. Funds received are sent to the host when the registration period closes. A $2.00 transaction fee is paid by the registrant at the time of registration. A 3.5% administrative fee is deducted from funds the host receives.

2. Event hosts can use their personal or business PayPal® account to collect funds. This requires the event host to have an active PayPal® account. RegisterToAttend charges a $99 service fee to activate Paid Events that use the event host’s PayPal® to collect funds. No administration fee is assessed for these events and no per transaction fee is assessed by RegisterToAttend.

Free Event Paid Event
For events that do not charge a registration fee. Funds are collected via PayPal®.
Set-up Fee Free Free
Event Activation Fee free free
Transaction Fee
Free $2.00 per transaction
(Paid by registrant)
Administration Fee free 3.5% of collected funds