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A Free Event Website is 100% free for event hosts and registrants.

PAID EVENTS (There are two options to collect funds):

1. RegisterToAttend Pay collects funds using RegisterToAttend’s PayPal® account. These events are free to set up and activate. Funds received are sent to the host when the registration period closes. A $2.00 transaction fee is paid by the registrant at the time of registration. A 3% administrative fee is deducted from funds the host receives.

2. Event hosts can use their personal or business PayPal® account to collect funds. This requires the event host to have an active PayPal® account. RegisterToAttend charges a $99 service fee to activate Paid Events that use the event host’s PayPal® to collect funds. No administration fee is assessed for these events and no per transaction fee is assessed by RegisterToAttend.

Free Event Paid Event with RegisterToAttend Pay Paid Event website with PayPal®
For events that do not charge a registration fee. For Paid Event, funds are collected via RegisterToAttend’s PayPal® account. For Paid Events, Funds are collected via event host’s PayPal® account
Set-up Fee Free Free Free
Event Activation Fee free free $99
Transaction Fee
Free $2.00 per transaction
(Paid by registrant)
Applicable PayPal® fees
Administration Fee free 3% of collected funds free