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Features List

At RegisterToAttend, our goal is to provide the highest quality and most secure online registration service available. Our features are designed to accommodate just about any event scenario imaginable. This page lists many of the great features available with our event websites.

Free Event Paid Event
For events that do not charge a registration fee. Funds are collected via PayPal®.
1. Choose from dozens of attractive template designs for your event website
2. Choose from hundreds of great images for your event website
3. Upload your company logo to your event website
4. Create a custom, recognizable, name link for your event website
5. Social media icons and links
6. QR Code that opens the event website
7. Designate a password for registrants to view your event from RegisterToAttend (Invitees that you email from the control panel do not need the password)
8. Designate the last day to allow online registration
9. Designate the maximum number of online registrants to accept
10. Display the number of remaining seats for your event
11. Allow additional registrants to go onto a waiting list, if the maximum number of online registrants is reached
12. Use the homepage of your event website for information only and a separate page for registration
13. Add up to 10 additional web pages of information for your event
14. Designate up to 10 different prices for different groups or paid options  
15. Designate how registrants make selections (radio button , checkbox, or text field)
16. Offer Early Bird Discount  
17. Designate the cut-off date for Early Bird Discount  
18. Allow refunds  
19. Designate the cut-off date for Refunds  
20. Offer Promotional Codes for discounted or free registration  
21. Link registrants to your personal website following registration
22. Set-up a web based feedback survey for use after your event
23. Designate the date for the feedback survey to be send by email to your registrants
24. Designate the cut-off date to provide event feedback
25. Require or allow registrants the option of providing their address
26. Require or allow registrants the option of providing their phone number
27. Designate up to 10 questions for registrants to answer during registration
28. Set-up Event Group (For hosts that wish to display multiple events on the same page)
29. Registrant Check-In feature allows you or staff to check-in registrants at your event